With the upcoming centenary of modern Turkey, which was proclaimed on 29 October 1923, Bridport Literary Festival is holding a Turkish afternoon with two top writers.

In advance of the festival, which takes place 5-11 November, the special event is being held at the Bull Hotel on Monday 16 October and features Turkophiles Jeremy Seal and Jason Goodwin.

Seal is the author of acclaimed travelogues, including A Fez of the Heart, and Meander, while Jason Goodwin’s books include the wonderful Yashim detective novels, set in 19th-century Istanbul, and a  history of the Ottoman Empire. 

The starting point for the afternoon will be Seal’s most recent book.  A Coup in Turkey takes a darker turn in exploring the little-known events of 1960 and 1961, when Turkey’s first coup led to the execution of the country’s first democratically-elected prime minister. 

The book serves as a graphic exposé of the tensions and contradictions at work in this young country. But for all its troubles, Turkey remains an inspirational and often spectacular place. Then there is the cuisine, as Jason’s Yashim Cooks Istanbul so lovingly demonstrates.

Doors open at the Bull at 2pm. The conversation between Jeremy Seal and Jason Goodwin will take place between 2.30pm and 3.30pm, with time for questions at the end. This will be followed by tea and baclava and the chance to buy their books.

Tickets at £16, to include the talk, tea and baclava can be obtained from Bridport Tourist Office in South Street, Bridport, either in person or by phone on 01308 424901.