With the advent of Covid-19, we were faced with the possibility that BridLit might not be able to go ahead as a live event. Behind the scenes we talked about what we could do if this were indeed the case. We wanted to do something a bit different from Zoom interviews. Something that would, perhaps, represent books and writers in a visually stimulating way, and at the same time represent the creative spirit of Bridport and the surrounding environment. To this end we decided to use local filmmakers and authors with some connection to the Southwest, to produce a series of short films. They are meant to be small pieces that reach into the imagination and give the viewer a ‘feel’ of the books and writers.

Happily, we are going ahead with BridLit ‘live’, but as two of these films were already in the making, we would like to showcase them as ‘teasers’ for the live events to follow.

We hope you enjoy them!

Berlin, The Story of a City – Barney White Spunner

Berlin is seen by many as the most fascinating and exciting city in Europe. Barney White-Spunner tells the story of this extraordinary city from its medieval origins to the present day, describing it as a [...]

Bridport Literary Festival 2020 Highlights

Welcome to the Bridport Literary Festival. A short glimpse into BridLit’s place as part of this wonderful town, with highlights from the 2020 festival. Credit Isaac Maccy.