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Schools Programme

Although she couldn’t make it to BridLit this year to introduce her new book for children, Isabella Tree kindly agreed to film herself reading it for us.  It will be going up on the website, and out to schools, in November, along with lots of related activities for children.  Watch here to get a taster of this beautiful story, When We Went Wild, which gives hope to the next generation amid the current bleak environmental landscape.
Isabella Tree brings her own experiences of wilding the Knepp Estate to the page,  for children and their parents to enjoy and learn from.

Adventures in Time by Dominic Sandbrook

For this year’s school’s programme, historian, presenter and journalist, Dominic Sandbrook will be in schools talking about his new History series for children. The Adventures in Time series is in the vein of Harry Potter or Star Wars, but the stories are real. A thrilling journey into history, full of adventure and intrigue, with the bonus of mirroring the school curriculum! He will be visiting St Mary’s and Colfox, where we hope that Bridport Primary and Burton Bradstock will be able to join, and so all children in the Minerva Trust can benefit. This event is supported by a grant from Bridport Town Council.

About Dominic Sandbrook

Dominic Sandbrook has been passionate about history ever since he read the Ladybird children’s books. As a historian, he has written eight books for adults. He has also presented several BBC television series, covering topics such as time travel, alien invasions, the James Bond films and the Harry Potter stories. His favourite book is The Lord of the Rings. His favourite football team is Wolverhampton Wanderers. He lives in Oxfordshire with his wife and son, Arthur. It was Arthur who came up with the idea for Adventures in Time, after a family trip to the Imperial War Museum. He now serves as the books’ chief battle consultant.

We are simply transferring our idea for the schools event from a live performance/workshop to an online visual lesson which we hope will be stimulating and inspiring for teachers to use in the classroom, but also for any one else who would like to get involved. Based on award winning Dara McAnulty’s Diary of a Young Naturalist, published by Little Toller, story teller Martin Maudsley and Sarah Acton of Black Ven Poetry will take you on a journey into nature and journal writing and encourage the children and young people of Bridport to produce their own journals and pieces of writing. As a young person Dara demonstrates such a powerful voice, and we want this project to empower others to find theirs. We hope to publish a selection of work online later in the year, and can’t wait to see what people come up with! Download the schools worksheet.

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