Friends of Bridport Literary Festival 2020 | Saturdy 4th April 2020

We have a special friends event this spring, Oliver Letwin will be in joined by Howard Davies to talk about his new book Apocalypse How?: Technology and the Threat of Mass Disaster.As the world becomes better connected and we grow ever more dependent on technology, the risks to our infrastructure are multiplying. Whether it’s a hostile state striking the national grid (like Russia did with Ukraine in 2016) or a freak solar storm, our systems have become so interlinked that if one part goes down the rest topple like dominoes.

In this groundbreaking book, former government minister Oliver Letwin looks ten years into the future and imagines a UK in which the national grid has collapsed. Reliant on the internet, automated electric cars, voice-over IP, GPS, and the internet of things, law and order would disintegrate. Taking us from high-level government meetings to elderly citizens waiting in vain for their carers, this book is a wake up call for why we should question our unshakeable faith in technology. But it’s much more than that: Letwin uses his vast experience in government to outline how businesses and government should respond to catastrophic black swan events that seem distant and implausible – until they occur.

When: Saturday 4th April 2020 @ 11.30am
Where: Electric Palace, 35 South Sreet, Bridport DT6 3NY

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