Be part of the story

Bridport Literary Festival is now in its 20th year and has grown and expanded over the two decade. We hope very much that the people of Bridport feel they have ‘ownership’ of BridLit and becoming a Friend is one of the ways to support us. With increasing running costs, we are hard pressed to break even but are determined that the quality and variety of our events does not suffer.

Friends of the Festival

The Friends of The Bridport Literary Festival has been formed to bring together all those who enjoy reading and love literature all the year round.
The Friends Association will give vital support to the Festival organisers to attract writers of excellence of both fiction and non fiction and encourage them to West Dorset to talk about their work.
Friends of the Bridport Literary Festival will receive the following benefits:

  • An advance copy of the Festival Brochure
  • Priority booking of tickets
  • Free Postal Booking and no booking fee
  • Regular Friends events and gatherings
  • An annual Friends’ Party
  • A twice yearly newsletter
  • An opportunity to get involved

Support by taking part

More than anything, we would like you to continue to support us by joining our mailing list as without you, there would be no festival.  We so much hope this  year’s programme of events is a bumper one!