A group of local residents got together in February 2020 to help a refugee family settle in Bridport and rebuild their lives.  The aim of THE BRIDPORT REFUGEE SUPPORT CAMPAIGN is to bring families here under the Home Office Community Sponsorship Scheme, a safe and legal route to resettlement for refugees escaping from countries affected by war, persecution or natural disaster.  A family from  Sudan was chosen by UNHCR for Bridport and arrived here in February 2022 and they have settled happily into Bridport life. At the same time, Ukrainian refugees also began arriving in Bridport and the BRIDPORT REFUGEE SUPPORT CAMPAIGN found ways to welcome them – particularly by forming a choir and celebrating Ukrainian Independence Day. The family of four from Sudan are supported by a team of volunteers who have joined the Trustees to provide support.  They are not only involved in teaching English to the parents and helping children with their school work, but they also organise trips to see the county and transport to medical appointments. The Support Campaign help to find voluntary work locally in preparation for paid employment and encourages interest in music, dance and sport.