The Trustees and the Festival Director of the Bridport Literary Festival would like to thank all the Sponsors, Donors and Advertisers, including those who have given anonymously, for their generosity and enthusiasm by supporting this year’s Festival. We would also like to thank all our stewards and personnel of the TIC for their commitment and good humour.


Nicolas Amor

Johnnie Boden

Deirdre and Howard Coates

Antony Hichens

Sarah Wild

Buffy Sacher

Venetia Ross Skinner



Lindsay and Martin Bowdery

Tim Clarke

Harold Carter

Jean Edwards

Tess Silkstone

Peter and Sally Lee

Felicity Fairbairn

Katie and Tom Gallego

Carol Hammick and Adam Tindall

Rachel and Allan James

Liz Jackson and Richard Strang

Derek Parkes

Maggie and John Mills

Nick Pearson

Angela and David Neuberger

Sue Robinson

Anthony and Val Pitt-Rivers


Sue and John Bradbury

Jim Bartos

Charles and Siobhan Blundell

Sue and David Orr

Ruth and Robert Cary Elwes

Francesca Radcliffe

Diana and Robert Clarke

John and Ros Senior

David and Annabelle Nabarro

Barry Mawhinney

Rose and Clive de Ruig

Georgia Langton

Max McKay James

Sally Laverack


Anthony and Vallie Barker

John Caines

Catherine and Stewart Boyd

Alan and Anne Peck

June Milne and John Parker

Emma Poe

Johnny and Ann Roberts

Robin Edleston

Johnny and Anne Roberts

Clare Glazebrook

Emma Poe

Peter Bicknell

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