The Bull Hotel Ballroom | Thursday 19th May 2022

With Spring awakening our thoughts turn to travel and we are delighted to welcome two intrepid travellers – BARNABY ROGERSON and JASON GOODWIN  who both publish and write about their adventures.

2.30 pm CELEBRATING THE WORLD: people, places and different ways of living.

BARNABY ROGERSON, director of Eland Publishing invites you to celebrate the 40th anniversary of one of the few remaining idiosyncratic small publishing houses.  Perched high in a third floor attic above a busy street market in the East End of London, Eland specialises in travel writing. Always in competition with the big players – Penguin, Picador and Virago, Eland has been able to quarry the best titles from these old rivals. To celebrate this impressive anniversary, Barnaby will examine some of the lives of Eland’s charismatic travel writers: Gavin Maxwell, Dervla Murphy, Norman Lewis, Martha Gelhorn, Nicholas Bouvier, Winston Churchill and Peter Mayne

3.30 pm Tea and refreshments with the Authors

4.30 pm  LORDS OF THE HORIZONS: a history of the Ottoman Empire is a book inspired long ago – when the Wall fell –  by a walk that JASON GOODWIN and his now wife Kate made from Gdansk to Istanbul in order to explore the borderlands of Europe.  Some years later, Jason embarked upon a series of historical detective thrillers, featuring the eunach Yashim operating in the 1830s.  The first book in the series – The Janissary Tree – won the coveted Edgar Allen Poe Award for Best Novel and this  has been followed by four more enthralling adventures and a cookery book:  Yashim Cooks Istanbul Jason continues to explore all corners of the world but always returns to Dorset.

The price includes the two talks and delicious tea and cakes with the Authors

Tickets £25£20 for Friends

The tickets can be obtained from Bridport Tourist Office in South Street, Bridport

Either in person or by phone on 01308 424901