The Bridport Arts Centre | Monday 20th September 2021

Three brilliant illustrated talks given by three masters of their subject:


LACHLAN GOUDIE – An Illustrated Talk

THE STORY OF SCOTTISH ART – Scottish artist and broadcaster LACHLAN GOUDIE journeys through 5,000 years of Scottish Art. Since the Neolithic era, creativity has played a vital role in shaping the course of Scotland’s history. The first tribal leaders, chieftains and Kings of the emerging nation used art to cement their authority. Over the turbulent centuries that followed, artists were always at the heart of action – holding a mirror to the faces, places and events that defined Scotland’s story. Its a tale of radicals and visionaries, artists with an international mind-set and a bold sense of their heritage who resolved to create work on the frontline of Western Art and Culture.

LACHLAN GOUDIE is an artist. He grew up in Glasgow and is the son of the Scottish painter Alexander Goudie. After studying English at Christ’s College Cambridge, he completed a degree in Fine Art at the Camberwell College of Art. Lachlan’s paintings have won numerous awards and he is a Member of the Royal Institute of Painters. He has written and presented the landmark BBC television series: THE STORY OF SCOTTISH ART and was nominated by the Royal Television Society Scotland for the ‘On Screen Personality of the Year’ Award. Lachlan is a regular television presenter and broadcaster and a Judge on BBC1 ‘Big Painting Challenge’.


TOM FORT – An Illustrated Talk

CASTING SHADOWS is the history of freshwater fishing since time began. It was initially discovered as a bountiful source of sustenance. Since prehistoric times man has exploited the rich food source available in lakes, rivers, estuaries, lochs, ponds and brooks and has trapped, netted, speared, noosed, stunned, tickled and lured every species of fish to be found. Thereafter, the need to fish became big business and the fish, a trading commodity. This business soon gave birth to the desire to pursue, outwit and catch fish for pleasure – angling was born. TOM FORT explores the secret, silent world of the freshwater fish to be found in Britain and the art and industry of fishing which spans thousands of years. He also assesses the dangers facing many species and water environments with an appeal to protect the underwater world from industrial fishing and farming.

TOM FORT is a lifelong fisherman with a profound curiosity about the lives and habits of fish and their world. He has travelled all over the world to pursue his fascination. He is also the author of the best selling: A303 Highway to the Sun and Channel Shore: from the White Cliffs to Lands End.

4.30pm THE STONEMASON: A History of Building Britain

ANDREW ZIMINSKI – An Illustrated Talk

THE STONEMASON’s story of the building of Britain is part archaeological history and yet a deeply personal insight into an ancient craft. In his thirty-five year career ANDREW ZIMINSKI has worked on many of our greatest monuments. From Neolithic monoliths to Roman baths and temples; from the tower of Salisbury Cathedral to the engine houses, mills and aqueducts of the Industrial Revolution up to the present day. This is a personal history of how Britain was built – from the inside out and takes us on an unforgettable journey by river, road and sea with a new vision of our island history.

ANDREW ZIMINSKI is a stonemason living and working in what was ancient Wessex. He has three decades of hands-on experience with the tangible history of this country. He has used his skills to create a Stonehenge megalith as well as the restoration of the Roman ruins in Bath and the dome of St.Paul’s in London. He is as happy to work on a humble medieval country church as he is on Salisbury Cathedral

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