Patrick Gale - Mother's Boy

Best selling author Patrick Gale brings us a coming of age novel of class, desire and two world wars. Cornish laundress Laura meets her husband in 1914, only to be later widowed with a young child, Charles. As a new war looms, Charles signs up for the navy as a coder. Here he experiences the excitement and terror of a love as clandestine as his work. Gale crafts a complex and tender rendering of the relationship between a dauntless mother and her son.

This is a book club event and the book purchased from The Bookshop prior to the day of the event will be eligible for a 15% discount.

In conversation with Sally Laverack
When: Monday 6th November 2023 @ 3.30 pm
Where: Bridport Arts Centre (NEW VENUE)
Sponsored by: Harold Carter and Tess Silkstone