Tickets for Mark Galeotti’s talk, We Need to Talk About Putin, on Thursday 7 November have sold so well that, in an update to the published programme, he’s been moved from the Bull Ballroom to the Electric Palace.

He’ll be in conversation with Rene Wyndham at 2.30pm.

There are still some tickets for the event but get them while you still can. Lots of people locally seem to want to know more about Putin and, as Galeotti claims, how the West gets him wrong.

Despite the millions of words written on Putin’s Russia, the West still fails to understand one of the world’s most powerful politicians, whose influence spans the globe and whose networks of power reach into the very heart of our daily lives.

Professor Mark Galeotti is one of the foremost authorities on Russia and monitors the unfolding story of the Putin era and the man behind the myth.

Galeotti is also author of the brilliantly gripping account of The Vory – Russia’s Super Mafia, the underground crime class, from their beginnings in the gulags to their free-wheeling oligarchy of today.

Tickets from or Bridport TIC on 01308 424901.