Sports fans will be delighted to welcome legendary cricket broadcaster Henry Blofeld to BridLit at the Electric Palace on Tuesday 5 November at 5.30pm.

Blowers, as he is fondly known, takes the reader on a journey from A-Z through the world of cricket. A ticket to see this national treasure and then a signed copy of his book, well, what could be better as a gift for the cricketing fan in your life?

In his trademark charming style, Blowers goes through the alphabet, explaining some of the puzzling cricket terminology and regaling his favourite anecdotes from his fifty years in the sport, covering the most important moments in the sport’s history as well as the most entertaining and amusing.

In conversation with Boris Starling, he’ll be giving his unique point of view, a humorous jaunt through the cricket landscape.

Will he be discussing that classic line: the batsman’s Holding, the bowler’s Willey? Did Brian Johnston ever actually say it? Come along to the Electric Palace to find out.

His stories are not only entertaining but reflect changes in cricket and identifying his cricketing heroes.

The book demystifies some of the cricketing terminology, with a glossary for those who want to make sure they know their googlys from their bouncers.

Tickets are from or Bridport TIC on 01308 424901.