Amanda Craig - The Three Graces

Bestselling author, Amanda Craig, has set her new novel against a backdrop of the Tuscan hills and writes: “This is my most personal novel yet, which I’ve been waiting my whole life to write. The lives of international emigres and their choices, eccentricities, prejudices, ideals and enthusiasm contrasting with the extreme localism of Italians has always fascinated me”. The Three Graces - suspenseful, comical and highly original - is about three elderly expat women in the last decade of their lives, teetering on the brink - with four breasts, five eyes and three hip replacements between them - and determined to make more than the best of things. A riotous comedy of manners.

In conversation with Celia Brayfield
When: Friday 10th November 2023 @ 12 noon
Where: Bridport Arts Centre