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  • Tim Bouverie - Perfect Pitch - 100 pieces of classical music to know and love

    Nearly all of us have the capacity to enjoy classical music but too often we are put off by not knowing where to look, or what we are actually looking for. We need a guide to help us navigate this artistic terrain.  Historian Tim Bouverie, drawing upon his lifelong passion for music, has selected 100 favourite classical pieces from which he will introduce an eclectic selection – audibly – to inspire and comfort; some are well known, some are idiosyncratic, others just secret gems that need to be brought out into the light.

    An Illustrated Talk with Music
    When: Sunday 7th November 2021 @ 10.30am
    Where: Electric Palace
    Sponsored by: Johnnie and Sophie Boden
  • Jonathan Sumption - Law in a Time of Crisis - What is the right relationship between the law and politics, judges and politicians?

    Brexit, the possible break-up of the UK, pandemics – this is a country in crisis. In crises the law sets the boundaries of what the Government can and should do. But in a country without a written constitution such as the United Kingdom, the precise limits between legal obligation and convention can be hazy. What are the limits of law in politics? What is the relationship between law and the constitution? Is having a constitution a hindrance or a help in a time of crisis?

    In conversation with Howard Davies
    When: Sunday 7th November 2021 @ 12.30pm
    Where: Electric Palace
    Sponsored by: Kitson & Trotman, solicitors
  • Stephen Moss - Biographies of Birds - A family event with Stephen Moss

    Over recent years, best selling nature writer and broadcaster, Stephen Moss has published biographies of some of our best loved birds – The Robin, The Wren, The Swallow and that most majestic of birds, The Swan.  He traces the life cycle of the swan from its arrival in the UK in Spring to its extraordinary migration to warmer climates, and its place in popular culture, myth and literature across the centuries.  Moss will also touch on his timely works: The Accidental Countryside and Skylarks with Rosie which has been nominated for the Wainwright Prize and will also reveal his Twelve Birds of Christmas.

    Tickets: £12 per adult and £2 for accompanied children 16 yrs and under

    A Illustrated Talk
    When: Sunday 7th November 2021 @ 3.00 pm
    Where: Electric Palace
    Sponsored by: Emma Farquharson Interior Design
  • Marina Wheeler - The Lost Homestead

    This is a story about loss and new beginnings, personal and political freedom.  Its central event is the Partition of British India in 1947 when Marina’s mother and her Sikh family were forced to flee their home, never to return.  Some years after Partition, the family was again ‘displaced’ this time by choice when Marina’s mother, Dip Singh, married Marina’s father, the distinguished British journalist, Charles Wheeler, when he was the BBC’s South East Asia Correspondent based in Delhi.  The book is a timely read.  It touches on global themes that strongly resonate today; political change, religious extremism, migration, minorities, nationhood, identity and belonging.

    In conversation with Susannah Simons
    When: Sunday 7th November 2021 @ 5.30 pm
    Where: Electric Palace
    Sponsored by: Lawrences Auctioneers
  • Cancellation It is with huge regret that BridLit has to announce the cancellation of Event 12. Colin Thubron has had to postpone his visit to Bridport due to ill health. He promises to be back with us in the new year to talk about The Amur River when he will, hopefully, be fully recovered. Ticket holders are asked to contact either Bridport TIC  Tel: 01308 424901 or email (depending on where they bought their tickets) to exchange tickets or get a refund.     

    Colin Thubron - The Amur River - Between Russia and China

    In his 80th year, Colin Thubron made a dramatic and ambitious journey along the 3000 mile river that divides China and Russia.  The Amur River is almost unknown and Thubron’s journey from the river’s secret source to its giant mouth charts a tremendous journey of adventure.  The book is a shining masterpiece by the acknowledged laureate of travel writing, a lesson in history and offering a unique perspective of two of the world’s superpowers.

    In conversation with Christian Tyler
    When: Tuesday 9th November 2021 @ 12 noon
    Where: The Electric Palace
  • James Crowden - Cider Country - How an Ancient Craft Became a Way Of Life

    Cidermaking has been at the heart of country life for hundreds of years. James Crowden traces an elusive history of how this drink came into existence and why it became so deeply rooted in the nation’s psyche. From the ancient myth infused civilisations of Central Asia and the Mediterranean, to Britain where it was warmly embraced by monastic communities; from the nation's love-affair with cider after the Reformation to the present day, and to the next generation of cider makers.  Full of subtle flavours and fascinating characters, Cider Country is the unusual and enthralling story of cider and the remarkable people who make it.

    An illustrated talk followed by Cider Tasting

    When: Wednesday 10th November 2021 @ 11.30 am
    Where: Electric Palace
    Sponsored by: Morrish and Banham
  • Alan Johnson - The Late Train to Gipsy Hill

    Alan Johnson abandoned his glittering career in politics to free himself to do ‘other things’.  He has subsequently become a best selling writer, winning the Royal Society of Literature Ondaatje Prize and the Orwell Prize for his childhood memoir: This Boy. His second and third volumes of memoirs: Please Mr. Postman and The Long and Winding Road were also award winning.  The Late Train to Gipsy Hill is a warm-hearted debut thriller with a masterful plot about, on the surface, very ordinary people.  The truth is quite opposite.

    In conversation with Jason Webster

    When: Wednesday 10th November 2021 @ 6.30 pm
    Where: Electric Palace
    Sponsored by: Nick Pearson
  • Anne Sebba - Ethel Rosenberg - A Cold War Tragedy

    Anne Sebba is one of Britain’s most distinguished biographers and has been critically acclaimed for books about iconic women. Her latest is the tragic and gripping story of Ethel Rosenberg, loving mother of two small children and an idealist, whose life was barbarically cut short for a crime she almost certainly did not commit. Sebba shines a spotlight on a woman who was victim of a catastrophic failure of humanity and justice in the US and which continues to haunt the national conscience.

    An illustrated talk

    When: Thursday 11th November 2021 @ 2.00 pm
    Where: Electric Palace
    Sponsored by: Angela and David Neuberger
  • Andrew Lownie - Traitor King - The Duke and Duchess of Windsor in Exile

    Andrew Lownie examines the years following the abdication of Edward VIII when the former king was kept in exile, feuding with his family over status for his wife, Wallis Simpson, and denied any real job. Traitor King reveals the true story behind the German attempts to recruit the Duke as a British Pétain; the Duke and Duchess were not the naïve dupes of the Germans but actively intrigued against Britain in both war and peace. Lownie also shines a light on the assumed love story of the Windsors with extraordinary revelations.

    An illustrated talk
    When: Thursday 11th November 2021 @ 3.30 pm
    Where: Electric Palace
    Sponsored by: Diana and Robert Clarke, Barry Mawhinney
  • Tim Marshall - The Power of Geography - Ten Maps that Reveal the Future of Our World

    If you don’t know what’s happening in the world, look at a map. Tim Marshall’s global bestseller: Prisoners of Geography shows how every nation’s choices are limited by mountains, rivers, seas and concrete. Geography hasn’t changed but the world has. Marshall explores ten regions that are set to shape global politics in a new age of power rivalry. The refugee crisis is critical; trouble brews in the Sahel; the Middle East must look beyond oil to secure a future and the eastern Mediterranean is a flashpoint of the 21st century. The Earth’s atmosphere is to become the next battleground.

    An illustrated talk
    When: Thursday 11th November 2021 @ 5.00 pm
    Where: Electric Palace
  • John Preston - The Fall - The Mystery of Robert Maxwell

    The embodiment of Britain’s post-war boom, Maxwell, born an Orthodox Jew, escaped the Nazi occupation of Czechoslovakia, fought in WWII and was decorated for his heroism with the Military Cross. He went on to become an MP and an astonishingly successful businessman, owning a number of newspapers and publishing companies. But in 1991 he disappeared from his yacht, the Lady Ghislaine, leaving chaos in his wake. John Preston gives a fascinating and gripping account of a man who was to become reviled as the embodiment of greed and corruption.

    In conversation with Jason Webster

    When: Friday 12th November 2021 @ 11.30 am
    Where: Electric Palace
    Sponsored by: Sue Robinson
  • Saul David - SBS – Silent Warriors - The Authorised Wartime History

    Britain’s SBS – or Special Boat Section – was the world’s first maritime special operations unit. Founded in the dark days of 1940, it started as a small inexperienced outfit that leaned heavily on volunteers’ raw courage and enthusiasm. It would become one of the most effective fighting forces of WWII and has served as a model for Special Forces ever since. Award winning historian, Saul David, has written the first authorized history of the SBS and he gives and enthralling narrative about some of the most audacious and legendary missions of the war.

    An illustrated talk

    When: Friday 12th November 2021 @ 2.30 pm
    Where: Electric Palace
    Sponsored by: Antony Hichens
  • Jonathan Coe - Mr Wilder & Me

    Jonathan Coe’s dazzling new novel based on his admiration for the films of Billy Wilder. It is both a coming of age story and an intimate portrait of one of cinema’s most intriguing figures. Coe evaluates the nature of time and of fame, of family and the treacherous lure of nostalgia. Followed by a screening of Billy Wilder’s 1972 film: AVANTI – a much underrated American comedy starring Jack Lemmon and Juliet Mills. In conversation with Boris Starling
    When: Friday 12th November 2021 @6.00 pm
    Where: Electric Palace
  • Peter Hain - A Pretoria Boy - The Story Of South Africa’s ‘Public Enemy Number One’

    Veteran, anti-apartheid activist, Peter Hain, tells his extraordinary journey from his native South Africa to the House of Lords. This powerful and timely account of Hain’s political life starts with his vivid description of his parents’ arrest in the early 1960s followed by his own enforced London exile in 1966. Narrowly escaping jail for disrupting all-white South African sports tours, he was framed for a bank robbery and nearly assassinated by a bomb. Later, using British parliamentary privilege, Hain exposed corruption in the Zuma administration which influenced the President’s resignation. In conversation with Clive Stafford Smith
    When: Saturday 13th November 2021 @ 12 noon
    Where: Electric Palace
    Sponsored by: Lindsay and Martin Bowdery
  • James Rebanks - An English Pastoral

    James Rebanks is the Winner of this year’s Wainwright Prize for Nature Writing for his Masterpiece: ENGLISH PASTORAL: An Inheritance

    “James Rebanks’s story of his family’s farm is just about perfect.  It belongs with the finest writing of its kind.” Wendell Berry

    A very personal book, ENGLISH PASTORAL is the story of an inheritance: one that affects us all. It tells of how rural landscapes around the world were brought close to collapse, and the age-old rhythms of work, weather, community and wild things were lost. Yet this elegy from the northern fells of Cumbria is also a song of hope; of how, guided by the past, one farmer began to salvage his tiny corner of England. JAMES REBANKS is doing his best to restore the life that had vanished, to leave a legacy for the future for our green and pleasant land.

    James’s book is about what it means to have love and pride in a place, and how, against all the odds, it may still be possible to build a new pastoral: not a utopia, but somewhere decent for us all.

    In conversation with Elizabeth Wainwright
    When: Saturday 13th November 2021 @ 7.30pm
    Where: Electric Palace
  • Polly Toynbee and David Walker - The Lost Decade - 2010 – 2020 and What Lies Ahead for Britain

    From two critically acclaimed authors and journalists, we have an authoritative survey of the last decade including this tumultuous year of change. From austerity to Brexit, food banks to Grenfell and ending with Covid 19 – the worst global pandemic in recent history, the decade has been gloomy and life-changing. Progress in renewable energy, legalisation in same-sex marriage and an awareness of environmental issues might be considered progress, but how can we gain optimism for the future. What went wrong? What went right? And where do we go from here? Both Toynbee and Walker want to share their views with the audience. An illustrated talk
    When: Saturday 13th November 2021 @ 3.00 pm
    Where: Electric Palace

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