Steve Richards - Turning Points - Crisis and Change in Modern Britain From 1945 to Truss

Every few weeks in British politics, a columnist will reach for the word ‘unprecedented’ as a cabinet minister resigns or yet another enquiry is called. We have become so accustomed to turmoil that it impossible to see where we are headed. Steve Richards puts the recent chaos into context and takes a step back to explore ten critical events that have shaped modern Britain. From the Suez Crisis of 1956 to the Covid-19 pandemic, from 1945 to Thatcher, Richards argues that it is only with distance that we can perceive the tectonic plates shifting – and events that may seem earth-shattering might be a passing tremor with the perspective of history. With his trademark insight, Richards is one of the UK’s top political commentators. Talk Introduced by Tanya Bruce-Lockhart, Festival Director
When: Friday 10th November 2023 @ 6.30 pm
Where: Electric Palace
Sponsored by: Buffy Sacher