Ysenda Maxtone Graham - Jobs for the Girls - How We Set Out to Work in the Typewriter Age

Drawn from real life memories in interviews with women from all sections of society, this is a lively chronicle of British women’s working lives from the 1950s through cardigans and pearls, via mini-skirts and bottom pinching, to shoulder pads and the ping of the first emails in the early 1990s. Graham conveys with humour the full range of experience and flavour of work places; the jollities as well as the drudgeries, the good men as well as the vile ones, the nasty women as well as the heroines, the office crushes as well as the romances. A wonderfully witty social history of the typewriter age.

In conversation with Prue Keely

When: Thursday 9th November 2023 @ 10.30 am
Where: The Bull Ballroom
Sponsored by: Georgia Langton