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  • With the centenary this month of modern Turkey, which was proclaimed on 29 October 1923, what better time to reflect upon the country in the company of two well- known Turkophiles?  Jeremy Seal is the author of acclaimed travelogues, including A Fez of the Heart, and Meander, while Jason Goodwin’s books include the wonderful Yasmin detective novels, set in 19th-century Istanbul, and a magnificent history of the Ottoman Empire. Our starting point is Jeremy’s most recent book.  A Coup in Turkey takes a darker turn in exploring the little-known events of 1960 and 1961, when Turkey’s first coup led to the execution of the country’s first democratically-elected Prime Minister. The book serves as a graphic exposé of the tensions and contradictions at work in this young country. But for all its troubles, Turkey remains an inspirational and often spectacular place. Then there is the cuisine, as Jason’s Yasmin Cooks Istanbul so lovingly demonstrates.

    Tickets £16

    Include the talk and tea and baclava

    Tickets can be purchased through the Bridport Information Centre 01308 424901

    Become a friend.  
    When: Monday 16th Oct 2023 @ 2.30pm
    Where: The Bull Ballroom
  • Kim & David Squirrell - Rope - A Twisting Tale of Love, Work and Trade

    With archives, images, objects and landscape, award-winning poet and artist, Kim Squirrell brings to her poem Rope a narrative exploration of the lives of working people in Bridport during the 1800s. Together with traditional folk tunes and an original score by mandolinist, David Squirrell, the performance is a weaving of words and music. Kim’s recording of her poem Burton Beach is included in the Windrush Stories Collection at the British Library.

    £18  1 course lunch

    When: Sunday 5th November 2023 @ 12 noon
    Where: Sladers Yard
  • The Bank of Dreams & Nightmares with Joelle Taylor - Resonate - BridLit Kids

    As part of BridLit Festival 2023, The Bank of Dreams and Nightmares will be working with TS Eliot Prize winning poet Joelle Taylor and 12 young people over two workshop weekends to explore what they want to say and how they want to tell their stories. This could be in the form of poetry, spoken word, storytelling, monologue, rap, song or even comedy – however they feel they can best express themselves. The culmination of the workshops is this Sunday 5th November at 7pm where the young people will perform their pieces to a live audience at The Bridport Arts Centre. Get your tickets now, only £5 and free for under 19’s.

    Under 19’s free (ticketed)
    When: Sunday 5th November 2023 @ 7.00 pm
    Where: Bridport Arts Centre
  • Reg Meuross - Stolen from God - Slave Trade Song Cycle

    The festival ends with words and music from Somerset musician Reg Meuross, who presents his stunning song cycle Stolen From God, with the sparkling playing of kora master Suntou Susso. The show, with narration on the historical background to each song, features vocals from both musicians, alongside incredible instrumentation. In it, Reg Meuross unpicks the South West’s complex Slavery story, inspired by his belief that folk songs provide a rapid and accessible route into history and its current relevance. He unearths both incredible tales and uncomfortable truths, brought fully to life with this enlightening live performance.

    with Suntou Susso
    When: Saturday 11th November 2023 @ 8pm (Update - New Time)
    Where: Electric Palace


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