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  • Kim & David Squirrell - Rope - A Twisting Tale of Love, Work and Trade

    With archives, images, objects and landscape, award-winning poet and artist, Kim Squirrell brings to her poem Rope a narrative exploration of the lives of working people in Bridport during the 1800s. Together with traditional folk tunes and an original score by mandolinist, David Squirrell, the performance is a weaving of words and music. Kim’s recording of her poem Burton Beach is included in the Windrush Stories Collection at the British Library.

    £18  1 course lunch

    When: Sunday 5th November 2023 @ 12 noon
    Where: Sladers Yard
  • Ruth Padel - Watershed

    Ruth Padel is a poet, novelist and non-fiction writer, known for her poetic exploration of migration and her involvement with classical music, wildlife conservation and Greece. Her most recent collection of poems, Watershed, celebrates the numinous power of water while exploring the depths of our capacity to deny the climate crisis. What lurks in the underwater caverns of our unconscious to give denial such potency? Ruth’s poems are a celebration of fluidity, illuminating the mystery of water in its flex and flow.

    £18 1 Course Dinner In conversation with James Crowden
    When: Tuesday 7th November 2023 @ 6.30 pm
    Where: Sladers Yard
  • Pen Vogler - Stuffed - A History of Food and Responsibility

    Pen Vogler has written a fascinating history of the people, the ideas and the dishes that have fed – and starved – a nation. Whose responsibility is it to make sure there is something to eat on every table and of what quality? With the ever increasing cost of food, who ensures that children get milk and cereal, eggs and toast to keep hunger at bay, that key workers - whether NHS nurses or soldiers fighting abroad – have the nourishment they need to work at the coal face? Changing customs and laws around food reveal how to feed the nation and the love hate relationship with meat, fish, vegetables and cheese.

    £45 3 Course Dinner

    In conversation with Prue Keely

    When: Thursday 9th November 2023 @ 6.30 pm
    Where: Sladers Yard


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