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  • Sir Peter Westmacott - The George Millar Literary Dinner

    We are delighted that the distinguished diplomat, Sir Peter Westmacott, can be with us this year to talk about his latest book: They Call It Diplomacy: Forty Years of Representing Britain Abroad. Sir Peter was British Ambassador to the United States from January 2012 until January 2016 during Obama’s Presidency. He was also British Ambassador to France from 2007-2012 and to Turkey from 2002-2006. His 43 year diplomatic career has included four years in Iran before the 1979 Revolution and a secondment to the European Commission in Brussels. Sir Peter was the Foreign and Commonwealth’s Director of the Americas from 1997-2000 and Deputy Under Secretary of State for the Wider World from 2000-2001. From 1990-1993, he was Deputy Private Secretary to HRH The Prince of Wales. As well as offering an engaging and insightful account of a forty-three year career spent in the upper echelons of the diplomatic and political worlds, They Call It Diplomacy sets out to explain what diplomats actually do. He mounts a vigorous defence of the continuing relevance of the diplomat in an age of instant communication, social media and special envoys and details what he sees as some of the successes of recent British diplomacy. A committed Internationalist, Sir Peter offers trenchantly Europhile views on the Brexit Referendum and its aftermath, and voices his concerns about Britain’s ability to continue to bring its influence to bear on the wider world now that it has left the European Union.

    Guest Speaker: Sir Peter Westmacott George Millar DSO MC, Croix de Guerre and Legion d’Honneur The Literary Dinner is held every year in memory of George Millar who for 50 years lived in West Dorset until his death in 2005. His war memoirs and his books on sailing are still in print and continue to be enjoyed by generations of readers of all ages.
    When: Thursday 11th November 2021 @ 7.00 pm
    Where: Tithe Barn
    Sponsored by: The Electric Pub Company, Poundbury Wealth Management, The Symondsbury Estate
  • James Rebanks - An English Pastoral

    James Rebanks is the Winner of this year’s Wainwright Prize for Nature Writing for his Masterpiece: ENGLISH PASTORAL: An Inheritance

    “James Rebanks’s story of his family’s farm is just about perfect.  It belongs with the finest writing of its kind.” Wendell Berry

    A very personal book, ENGLISH PASTORAL is the story of an inheritance: one that affects us all. It tells of how rural landscapes around the world were brought close to collapse, and the age-old rhythms of work, weather, community and wild things were lost. Yet this elegy from the northern fells of Cumbria is also a song of hope; of how, guided by the past, one farmer began to salvage his tiny corner of England. JAMES REBANKS is doing his best to restore the life that had vanished, to leave a legacy for the future for our green and pleasant land.

    James’s book is about what it means to have love and pride in a place, and how, against all the odds, it may still be possible to build a new pastoral: not a utopia, but somewhere decent for us all.

    In conversation with Elizabeth Wainwright
    When: Saturday 13th November 2021 @ 7.30pm
    Where: Electric Palace

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