Tuesday 7th November

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  • Nick Allan - When Dreams Collide - Travels in Yugoslavia with Rebecca West

    Nick Allan is the best kind of traveller – observant, curious, highly intelligent. When Dreams Collide is an intimate pilgrimage across the former states of Yugoslavia. Shedding the obvious knowledge of headlines, he explores the splintered co-evolution of these lands over the last ten centuries, guided by the inimitable Rebecca West’s masterpiece: Black Lamb and Grey Falcon. At a turning point in his own life, Allan is drawn to explore this complex area of The Balkans through the lens of his part Eastern European heritage.

     An illustrated talk

    Introduced by Barney White-Spunner
    When: Tuesday 7th November 2023 @ 10.30 am
    Where: The Bull Ballroom
  • Jon Woolcott - Real Dorset

    Real Dorset is a personal, detailed, humorous and idiosyncratic look at the county of Dorset, famous for its spectacular coastline, historic towns, its eco-foodie reputation and for Hardy and Fowles. But there’s much more behind this tourist friendly façade – subversion, rebellion and revolt, wealth and poverty, ghost stories and rich folklore. Its history can surprise, and here, Woolcott criss-crosses the county, making connections and uncovering the hidden and the forgotten – from the murky origins of the Cerne Abbas Giant to the revived pagan ritual of the Filly Loo, to Victorian nightlife in Bournemouth and the legacy of black GIs. An illustrated talk Introduced by Martin Maudsley
    When: Tuesday 7th November 2023 @ 12 noon
    Where: The Bull Ballroom
  • Keggie Carew - Beastly - A New History of Animals and Us


    Animals have shaped our lives, our land, our civilisation, and they will shape our future. Yet as our impact on the world and the animals we share it with increases, there has never been a greater urgency to understand this relationship. Beastly is the 40,000 year story of animals and humans, seen eye-to-eye, claw-to-claw through those who have ventured into the myriad worlds of our animal relatives. Keggie Carew argues that the greatest paradox may yet be this: diversity of life can heal ecosystems but its animals – if given the chance – could save us.

    An illustrated talk Introduced by David Burnett
    When: Tuesday 7th November 2023 @ 2 pm
    Where: The Bull Ballroom
  • Sarah Watling - Tomorrow Perhaps the Future

    In the 1930s, women and men from across Britain, Europe and America made their way to Spain to be part of what they identified as a historic fight for freedom from fascism. Tomorrow Perhaps the Future follows a handful of extraordinary outsiders, determined to live their lives with courage and conviction. Among them, young American journalist Martha Gellhorn, the aristocratic rebel Jessica Mitford and the maverick poet Nancy Cunard. Sarah Watling uncovers how, for these women and others like them, Spain, became a place where they found a freedom unthinkable at home.

    In conversation with Jason Webster
    When: Tuesday 7th November 2023 @ 3.30 pm
    Where: The Bull Ballroom
  • Max Porter - Shy From bestselling author Max Porter, Shy is a novel tracing a few strange hours in the life of a teenage boy who is escaping Last Chance, a home for ‘very disturbed young men’, and walking into the haunted space between his night terrors, his past and the heavy question of his future. As he wanders into the night, he listens to the voices in his head: his teachers, his parents, the people he has hurt and the people who are trying to love him. Ultimately, it is a story about being lost in the dark, and realising you are not alone. In conversation with Jon Woolcott
    When: Tuesday 7th November 2023 @ 5.00 pm
    Where: The Bull Ballroom
  • Ruth Padel - Watershed

    Ruth Padel is a poet, novelist and non-fiction writer, known for her poetic exploration of migration and her involvement with classical music, wildlife conservation and Greece. Her most recent collection of poems, Watershed, celebrates the numinous power of water while exploring the depths of our capacity to deny the climate crisis. What lurks in the underwater caverns of our unconscious to give denial such potency? Ruth’s poems are a celebration of fluidity, illuminating the mystery of water in its flex and flow.

    £18 1 Course Dinner In conversation with James Crowden
    When: Tuesday 7th November 2023 @ 6.30 pm
    Where: Sladers Yard


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