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  • Samantha Knights QC - Law, Rights, and Religion

    Local barrister and co-director of the Shute Festival, Samantha Knights, discusses her book Law, Rights, and Religion. Given that we live in an increasingly diverse country, this relevant and thoughtful work explores the relationship between our legal system, religion and cultural diversity. At a practical level, the debate is fascinating - ranging from the issue of whether businesses can decline services on religious grounds, through to clashes between the school curriculum and faith.

    In conversation with Caroline Montagu

    When: Friday 12th November 2021 @ 10.00 am
    Where: The Bull Ballroom
    Sponsored by: Felicity Fairbairn
  • John Preston - The Fall - The Mystery of Robert Maxwell

    The embodiment of Britain’s post-war boom, Maxwell, born an Orthodox Jew, escaped the Nazi occupation of Czechoslovakia, fought in WWII and was decorated for his heroism with the Military Cross. He went on to become an MP and an astonishingly successful businessman, owning a number of newspapers and publishing companies. But in 1991 he disappeared from his yacht, the Lady Ghislaine, leaving chaos in his wake. John Preston gives a fascinating and gripping account of a man who was to become reviled as the embodiment of greed and corruption.

    In conversation with Jason Webster

    When: Friday 12th November 2021 @ 11.30 am
    Where: Electric Palace
    Sponsored by: Sue Robinson
  • Saul David - SBS – Silent Warriors - The Authorised Wartime History

    Britain’s SBS – or Special Boat Section – was the world’s first maritime special operations unit. Founded in the dark days of 1940, it started as a small inexperienced outfit that leaned heavily on volunteers’ raw courage and enthusiasm. It would become one of the most effective fighting forces of WWII and has served as a model for Special Forces ever since. Award winning historian, Saul David, has written the first authorized history of the SBS and he gives and enthralling narrative about some of the most audacious and legendary missions of the war.

    An illustrated talk

    When: Friday 12th November 2021 @ 2.30 pm
    Where: Electric Palace
    Sponsored by: Antony Hichens
  • Dave Goulson - Silent Earth - Averting the Insect Apocalypse

    Insects are essential for life as we know it. As their numbers decline at a shocking rate, our world will slowly grind to a halt. Both revealing and alarming, Silent Earth is a rousing manifesto for a greener planet. It is a call to arms for change – in agriculture, government policy, industry and ourselves. Goulson will also talk about his previous book, Gardening for Bumblebees, which shows how to provide a refuge for a pollinator friendly haven.

    An illustrated talk

    When: Friday 12th November 2021 @4.30 pm
    Where: The Bull Ballroom
    Sponsored by: Sue and David Orr
  • Jonathan Coe - Mr Wilder & Me

    Jonathan Coe’s dazzling new novel based on his admiration for the films of Billy Wilder. It is both a coming of age story and an intimate portrait of one of cinema’s most intriguing figures. Coe evaluates the nature of time and of fame, of family and the treacherous lure of nostalgia. Followed by a screening of Billy Wilder’s 1972 film: AVANTI – a much underrated American comedy starring Jack Lemmon and Juliet Mills. In conversation with Boris Starling
    When: Friday 12th November 2021 @6.00 pm
    Where: Electric Palace

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