Garden lovers are in a for a treat when Dan Pearson comes to town on Saturday 7 November on the last day of BridLit.

The world-class garden and landscape designer, journalist and television presenter will be at the Electric Palace at 2.30pm talking about Tokachi Millennium Forest, a remarkable garden which combines Japanese culture and long-held respect for nature with contemporary ecological planting and naturalistic design.

The story of the garden was featured on the BBC Radio 4 programme Designed in Britain, Built in Japan.

Twenty years ago, Dan Pearson was invited to make a garden at the 240-hectare Tokachi Millennium Forest in Hokkaido, Japan.

Publishers Filbert Press say part of the intention was to entice city dwellers to reconnect with nature and improve land that had been lost to intensive agriculture. The Tokachi Millennium Forest brings together the culture, aesthetics and horticultural practices of the East and West, combining an awareness of the past and protection of the future.

‘By tuning into the physical and cultural essence of the place and applying a light touch in terms of cultivation, Pearson created a remarkable place which is led by Japan’s long-held respect for nature and its head in contemporary ecological planting design.’

The book, written with Midori Shintani, is not just an excellent read, according to online magazine Reckless Gardener, ‘it’s an uplifting and inspirational book that restores one’s faith that there are still lots of people out there who not only care passionately for our environment, climate and nature but actively demonstrate that care by their actions.’

Pearson’s book shares the insights gained into how to plant gardens that feel right for their location and to reconnect the land and wildlife that surround us.

And in times like these, what could be more relevant?

Stay safe.