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Wednesday 18th September 2024 | 2.30pm

Special Bookclub Event | Victoria Hislop | The Figurine

Of all the ancient art that captures the imagination, none is more appealing than the Cycladic figurine. An air of mystery swirls around these statuettes from the Bronze Age and they are highly sought after by collectors – and looters – alike. In her new novel Victoria Hislop shines a light on the questionable acquisition of cultural treasures and the price people, and countries, will pay to cling on to them.

She says: ‘I have been down a long and exciting path to write The Figurine. I admired the beauty of the Cycladic figurine for many years and began to understand what a huge influence they had on 20th century art. I also began to realise that their beauty has an irresistible and seductive power and wanted to write about the crime that such beauty and antiquity can drive people to. My story is set during the period of the Junta, an army dictatorship that committed many crimes, effectively robbing people of their lives and driving others into exile. To me there seemed to be a striking parallel. I hope readers will be pulled into this period of history, and the question of where something, or someone, really belongs.’

Victoria Hislop in conversation with Sally Laverack

Copies of The Figurine can be purchased in paperback with a 10% discount prior to the event, from The Bookshop, South Street, Bridport.

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When: Wednesday 18th Sep 2024 @ 2.30pm
Where: Electric Palace


Victoria Hislop became inspired by Greek history after a visit to Spinalonga, the abandoned Greek leprosy colony off Crete. Her best selling books The Island, The Return, The Thread and The Sunrise all have Greece as their backdrop, as have Cartes Postales from Greece and the poignant and powerful Those Who Are Loved. Her most recent novel One August Night is the sequel to The Island.

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