Friends Event 2 | Tom Fort | Casting Shadows


CASTING SHADOWS is the history of freshwater fishing since time began. It was initially discovered as a bountiful source of sustenance. Since prehistoric times man has exploited the rich food source available in lakes, rivers, estuaries, lochs, ponds and brooks. Man has trapped, netted, speared, noosed, stunned, tickled and lured every special of fish to be found. Thereafter, the need to fish became big business and the fish, a trading commodity. This business soon gave birth to the desire to pursue, outwit and catch fish for pleasure – angling was born. TOM FORT explores the secret, silent world of the freshwater fish to be found in Britain and the art and industry of fishing which spans thousands of years. He also assesses the dangers facing many species and water environments with an appeal to protect the underwater world from industrial fishing and farming.

Each event is £12 OR £30 for all three.

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Bridport Information Centre 01308 424901

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When: Monday 20th September 2021 @ 2.30pm
Where: Bridport Arts Centre


TOM FORT is a lifelong fisherman with a profound curiosity about the lives and habits of fish and their world. He has travelled all over the world to pursue his fascination. He is also the author of the best selling: A303 Highway to the Sun and Channel Shore: from the White Cliffs to Lands End.

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