Friends Event 2 | Anna Pavord | The Seasonal Gardener

This is an inspirational book which provides ideas and information for even the most experienced gardener. In it, Anna selects 60 ‘star plants’ and pairs each one with 2 perfect partners – whether they be shrubs, herbaceous perennials, bulbs or annuals. The result is a plethora of ideas for grouping plants to create harmonious and stunning displays with interest in every season. First published in 2001, this book has now been fully revised and updated.

“An all-star cast that will make your garden look splendid year-round”. Sunday Times

Tickets £30 OR £25 for Friends

This price includes both, talks and tea

Tickets can be purchased through
the Bridport Information Centre 01308 424901

Become a friend.


When: Monday 19th February 2023 @ 4.00pm
Where: The Bull Ballroom


Anna Pavord is perhaps best known for her global best-seller, The Tulip, but she has written many other books on gardening. She wrote a garden column for the Observer for over 20 years and for the Independent for over 30 years. She now writes regularly for the Sunday Times and Gardens Illustrated. She has been showered with honours and awards, amongst which are the Gold Veitch Memorial Medal from the RHS, the Garden Media Guild Lifetime Achievement Award, and Honorary Doctor of Letters from the University of Leicester.

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