Event 7 | Lisa Jewell and Nancy Tucker | The Night She Disappeared and The First Day of Spring


Lisa JewellThe Night She Disappeared

Nancy TuckerThe First Day of Spring

Lisa Jewell’s latest bestseller tells what happens when a teenage single mother disappears without trace. Where do you start to search?

Nancy Tucker’s debut novel explores nature or nurture and the devious mind of the child on child murderer.

A lively discussion on the issues involved in writing psychological thrillers is irresistible. How easy is it to get behind the criminal mind; why are women writers so successful at this genre of fiction; why are readers so addicted to the‘whodunnit’?

In conversation with Sally Laverack

When: Monday 8th November 2021 @ 12 noon
Where: The Bull Ballroom


Lisa Jewell has sold over 5 million books worldwide. The Night She Disappeared is her 19th novel.   Born in London in 1968, her first novel, Ralph’s Party, was published in 1999.  It was the best selling debut novel of the year.  More recently she has concentrated on the psychological thriller  which has earned her a reputation for being compared to Ruth Rendell.

Nancy Tucker recently graduated from Oxford University with a degree in Experimental Psychology and she currently works in an NHS mental health unit. The First Day of Spring is her debut novel.

Sally Laverack has been one of the team of interlocutors for the Bridport Literary Festival since 2011 and has a special interest in history.  After working as a reporter/producer for the BBC in the North East for a number of years, Sally joined the commercial broadcasting regulator, the IBA/ITC. She retired to Dorset in 2000.

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