Event 6 | Roland Philipps | Victoire


Roland Philipps – Victoire – A Wartime Story Of Resistance, Collaboration and Betrayal

Roland Philipps relates the incredible story of heroism, complicity and survival about the charismatic double-agent who plays a major role in WWII – Agent Victoire.  Paris, half–occupied Nazi Germany in 1940, was also half governed by the collaborationist Vichy regime.  These were dark days for France and also for Britain, isolated and under threat of invasion.  Yet Mathilde Carre – codenamed ‘the Cat’ – is driven by a sense of destiny that will be her nation’s saviour.  Victoire is the story of a passionate, courageous spy.

In conversation with John Dean

When: Monday 8th November 2021 @ 10.00 am
Where: The Bull Ballroom
Sponsored by: Tim Clarke


Roland Philipps  was a leading publisher for many years.   His first book:  A Spy Named Orphan: the enigma of Donald Maclean was published to wide acclaim.

His description of Maclean’s psychological make-up chimes with what I have always felt about the Cambridge spies (Philby excepted) – namely, that their romance with the Soviet Union partook of of patriotism as much as it did of espionage….Philipps make the story and the slow uncovering of treachery a gripping narrative’ Alan Bennet, London Review of Books.

Undoubtedly, Philipps has become a master of story-telling about an enigmatic world of spies, double agents and possibly triple agents and his books are veritable page-turners.

John Dean was a career soldier for 30 years following which he spent a decade as CEO of the British Shops and Stores Association.  He has lived with his family in Dorset for over 20 years where he has been involved in many organisations.  He is a keen military historian often giving lectures on military campaigns.

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