Event 42

Saturday 11th November 2023 | 7.30pm

Event 42 | Reg Meuross | Stolen from God


Reg Meuross – Stolen from God – Slave Trade Song Cycle

The festival ends with words and music from Somerset musician Reg Meuross, who presents his stunning song cycle Stolen From God, with the sparkling playing of kora master Suntou Susso. The show, with narration on the historical background to each song, features vocals from both musicians, alongside incredible instrumentation. In it, Reg Meuross unpicks the South West’s complex Slavery story, inspired by his belief that folk songs provide a rapid and accessible route into history and its current relevance. He unearths both incredible tales and uncomfortable truths, brought fully to life with this enlightening live performance.

with Suntou Susso

When: Saturday 11th November 2023 @ 7.30pm
Where: Electric Palace


Award-winning Reg Meuross was introduced onto the stage of the Albert Hall by Mike Harding as ‘one of this country’s finest’ and is a true modern troubadour, representing contemporary English folk writing at its best. Captivating audiences with his beautiful tenor voice, and with breadth and depth of material that is unparalleled, Reg has toured extensively for decades across the UK, Europe, North America and the Antipodes and lives in Somerset.

Suntou Susso is a multi-instrumentalist: kora player, percussionist, singer and composer from The Gambia. Suntou’s family includes some of the world’s most highly respected West African musicians. His musical abilities are outstanding, perhaps unique for his generation.  In The Gambia, Suntou has a huge fan base and has released successful singles and music videos. He also runs fun and engaging drumming and kora workshops in schools, colleges and universities to pass his  rich culture and knowledge on to the next generation, for example Project African Experience for Black History Month.


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