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Horatio Clare – Heavy Light – A Journey through Madness, Mania and Healing

This is Horatio Clare’s very personal journey through mania, psychosis and treatment in a psychiatric hospital, and onwards to release, recovery and healing. This is a story of the intensity of manic experience as well as its peril and strangeness. It is also a story of love, kindness, humour and care of those who deal with someone who becomes so dangerously ill. At a critical time, when society is at last facing the issues of mental health that can affect each and every one of us, this is a timely memoir which can give compassion to those who suffer and support to those who care.

In conversation with Jon Woolcott

When: Saturday 13th November 2021 @ 4.30 pm
Where: The Bull Ballroom


Travel writer, memoirist, broadcaster and children’s author, Horatio Clare was born in London but grew up on a sheep farm in South Wales. He read English at York University before joining the BBC as an arts radio producer. His books include: Running to the Hills which won the Somerset Maugham Award, A Single Swallow, Down to the Sea in Ships (which won the Stanford Dolman Travel Book Award) The Light in the Dark, Orison for a Curlew and Something of His Art: Walking to Lubeck with JS Bach. Horatio broadcasts regularly on BBC Radio 4, and presents Radio 3’s annual Sound Walks series at Christmas. He writes for many newspapers and journals and lectures in non-fiction at the University of Manchester.

Of Heavy Light:

‘an extraordinary book: deeply moving, darkly funny and hugely powerful…..this book confirms that Horatio Clare is among the most brilliant and compassionate writers of non-fiction I know’ Robert Macfarlane

‘one of the most brilliant travel writers of our day, takes us now to that most challenging country, severe mental illness; and does so with such wit, warmth and humanity…’ Reverend Richard Coles

‘a record of the bravest, most perilous, most intrepid journey that any human being can ever make, A luminous, beautiful achievement….’ Niall Griffiths

Jon Woolcott is a writer and publisher from Dorset. He works for the independent publisher Little Toller and can often be found in their Bookshop in Beaminster.

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