Event 33 | Jonathan Coe | Mr Wilder & Me


Jonathan Coe – Mr Wilder & Me

Jonathan Coe’s dazzling new novel based on his admiration for the films of Billy Wilder. It is both a coming of age story and an intimate portrait of one of cinema’s most intriguing figures. Coe evaluates the nature of time and of fame, of family and the treacherous lure of nostalgia. Followed by a screening of Billy Wilder’s 1972 film: AVANTI – a much underrated American comedy starring Jack Lemmon and Juliet Mills.

In conversation with Boris Starling

When: Friday 12th November 2021 @6.00 pm
Where: Electric Palace


Jonathan Coe is an English writer and author of thirteen novels. His first surviving story, a detective thriller called The Castle of Mystery was written at the age of eight and he first came to public recognition with his novel: The Accidental Woman followed by What a Carve Up, The Rotters’ Club and Middle England won the Costa Novel of the Year. Coe’s work has an underlying preoccupation with political issues, although this serious engagement is often expressed comically in the form of satire.


Boris Starling is an award-winning author and screenwriter whose books have appeared regularly in the Sunday Times and New York Times bestseller lists. He lives in Dorset with his family and other animals.

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