Event 29 | Samantha Knights QC | Law, Rights and Religion


Samantha Knights QC – Law, Rights, and Religion

Local barrister and co-director of the Shute Festival, Samantha Knights, discusses her book Law, Rights, and Religion. Given that we live in an increasingly diverse country, this relevant and thoughtful work explores the relationship between our legal system, religion and cultural diversity. At a practical level, the debate is fascinating – ranging from the issue of whether businesses can decline services on religious grounds, through to clashes between the school curriculum and faith.

In conversation with Caroline Montagu

When: Friday 12th November 2021 @ 10.00 am
Where: The Bull Ballroom
Sponsored by: Felicity Fairbairn


Having first studied History at Oxford, Samantha Knights is now a barrister (Queen’s Counsel) at Matrix specialising in public law and civil liberties, and an Adjunct Professor at the University of Miami School of Law. She is currently working on numerous refugee, trafficking and modern slavery cases; as well as cases involving deprivation and refusal of citizenship on grounds of involvement with terrorism. Many of her cases involve national security. She has appeared in many strategic cases before the Courts. She also has a particular interest in the area of law and religion and has been involved in a broad range of cases in this area. She lives in East Devon with her partner Bijan Omrani, and together they run the Shute Festival.

Caroline Montagu is an academic, lecturer and writer with a specific interest in international politics, garden history and literature.

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