Event 27

Thursday 9th November 2023 | 12 noon

Event 27 | Peter Snow & Ann MacMillan | Kings & Queens


Peter Snow & Ann MacMillan – Kings & Queens – The Real Lives of the English Monarchs

Never has there been such intense interest in Britain’s royal family and speculation about its very survival, yet unlike most other royal dynasties around the world, somehow the British monarchy has survived the ravages of history. Kings and Queens is a compelling exploration of the individuals who have sustained an institution for over a thousand years. From the reigns of Alfred the Great to our own acclaimed Elizabeth II, this book examines the lives of Britain’s rulers.

An illustrated talk

Introduced by Adam Teasdale, Head of Sixth Form

When: Thursday 9th November 2023 @ 12 noon
Where: Sir John Colfox Academy


Peter Snow CBE is a highly respected journalist, broadcaster, historian and author. He was ITN’s Diplomatic and Defence Correspondent from 1966 to 1979 and presented BBC’s Newsnight from 1980 to 1997. He presented Tomorrow’s World and two series of battlefield programmes with his son, Dan Snow. For many years he was an indispensable part of election nights. He has written several books on military history and he and Dan are the best-selling co-authors of The Battle of Waterloo Experience and Treasures of British History

Ann MacMillan was born in North Wales and moved to Toronto as a child. After receiving a BA in English and History, she became one of Canada’s first female news correspondents. She and Peter Snow met at a Commonwealth Conference in Ottawa in 1973 and when they married, her broadcaster moved her to its London Bureau. As CBC News London Bureau Chief she reported widely on Britain’s royal family. She and Peter co-authored War Stories in 2017 and Treasures of World History in 2020. 


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