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Dr Hilary Jones – Frontline

In the midst of the pandemic, ITV’s Doctor Hilary Jones launches his epic historical series – a sweeping sumptuous WWI medical drama which features the Spanish Flu pandemic when only the strongest survived. Grace, a nurse, and Will, a young soldier, meet in a field hospital in France. Rumours of Armistice abound but hopes of peace are threatened by the deadly virus. Dr Hilary discusses the challenges posed by writing romantic fiction and plotting the course of a family saga across the twentieth century. Are there parallels with Covid 19, which has affected global well-being?

In conversation with Sally Laverack

When: Thursday 11th November 2021 @ 10.00 am
Where: The Bull Ballroom


Dr Hilary Jones is one of the UK’s best-loved personalities, offering cogent advice and support for over 30 years on programmes including Good Morning Britain where he tends to viewers health issues. His medical slot attracts 1.3m alone.

He says: ‘I’m passionate about medical things and I’ve always believed people should discover and learn as much as they possibly can about themselves and about their conditions. But its vital that the information is reliable and accurate and it’s a bonus if it is fun, grabs your attention and entertains you at the same time!’


Sally Laverack has been one of the team of interlocutors for the Bridport Literary Festival since 2011 and has a special interest in history. After working as a reporter/producer for the BBC in the North East for a number of years, Sally joined the commercial broadcasting regulator, the IBA/ITC.

She retired to Dorset in 2000.

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