Jason inherited his love of adventure and an exploratory addiction to food and how to grow, harvest and enjoy it from his late mother, the writer Jocasta Innes. She was a polymath of ideas for homemaking and how to live life to the full. Her book: Paint Magic is a classic for anyone wishing to decorate their home and a copy of The Pauper’s Cookbook is a Bible for everyone who enjoys food without the extravagance. Jason talks about his Mother’s influence on his life and has recently republished one of her cookery books: The Country Kitchen. His talk will be followed by a delicious feast based on his Mother’s recipes.

With 3 course dinner. Please telephone Sladers Yard (01308 459511) for reservations.

When: Tuesday 5th November 2019 @ 7.00 pm
Where: Sladers Yard, West Bay Road, West Bay, Bridport DT6 4EL
Extra: With Dinner +£28 
Sponsor: Harold Carter | Tess Silkstone