Alastair Campbell, best known as Tony Blair’s chief spokesman and strategist, is also a writer of fiction and non-fiction and an Ambassador for several mental health charities. His new book: Living Better is an honest, moving and life affirming account of his lifelong struggle with depression. It is an autobiographical, psychological and psychiatric study which explores his own childhood, family and relationships.  It also examines the impact of his professional and political life on himself and those around him. Tony Blair says of him: ‘Alastair is living proof that it is possible to have depression and yet achieve so much’.

Living Better is a raw and revealing narrative and possibly the most important achievement of Alastair’s colourful and varied life.  It is also a book  which could save lives.

In conversation with Susannah Simons

When: Thursday 5th November 2020 @ 6.30pm
Where: Electric Palace