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Nikki May – Wahala

Ronke, Simi and Boo are three mixed-race friends living in London. They have the gift of two cultures, Nigerian and English, and now in their thirties, they are looking to the future. When Isobel a lethally glamorous friend from their past arrives in town, cracks in their friendship begin to appear, and the women are forced to reckon with a crime in their past. Local author, Nikki May, has written a darkly comic and subversive take on love, race and family. Her book Wahala will have readers laughing, crying and gasping in horror!

In conversation with Olivia Glazebrook

When: Monday 7th November 2022 @ 6.30 pm
Where: The Bull Ballroom


Born in Bristol and raised in Lagos, Nikki May is Nigerian-British. At twenty, she dropped out of medical school, moved to London, and began a career in advertising, going on to run a successful agency. Nikki lives in Dorset with her husband and two standard Schnauzers.

Nikki says of Wahala: “This is a novel about the power of friendship and the stories we inherit. The inspiration for Wahala came from a long (and loud) lunch with very good friends in a Nigerian restaurant. I wanted to read a book that had people like me in it. The first scene was drafted on the train journey home. The characters became flesh and wouldn’t let me go.” 


Olivia Glazebrook is a writer living in West Dorset. Her most recent novel The Frank Business is published by John Murray.

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