Sunday 5th November

Event 2

Get Me
The Urgent Biscuits

Sweetpea Slight

Sweetpea Slight spent more than twenty years working with the eccentric and celebrated theatre producer Thelma Holt, who snatched her from a possible career as an actress and re-named her from Jane to Sweetpea. Against the backdrop of London’s West End, they worked with the biggest names in the industry including Dustin Hoffman, Sam Mendes, Vanessa Redgrave, Alan Rickman and Fiona Shaw. By turns shrewd, comic and reflective, Sweetpea’s hilarious coming-of-age memoir recounts her adventures and how the extraordinary became the really quite ordinary.

In conversation with Fiona Shaw

Time: 12 Noon

Tickets: £12 / £30* (*includes a two course lunch)

Venue: Sladers Yard

Sponsored by: Ian & Mary Scott

Event 3

First Confession

Lord Patten

Most politicians write autobiographies to ‘set the record straight’ and provide justification for their careers. This is not the case with First Confession. Chris Patten’s career has taken him from the outer London suburbs to the House of Commons, a Seat in the Cabinet, last Governor of Hong Kong, Chairman of the BBC and Chancellor of Oxford University. His memoir is both enlightening and entertaining with unexpected insights into the three Prime Ministers he worked with – Heath, Thatcher and Major and the reasons for his choice of political heroes – Baldwin, Macmillan and Butler. His views on the current political landscape are controversial and potentially explosive.

In conversation with Howard Davies

Time: 3.00 pm

Tickets: £10

Venue: The Electric Palace

Sponsored by: Sally Inchbald & Peter Lee

Event 4

War Stories

Peter Snow & Ann MacMillan

Peter Snow and his wife Ann MacMillan have put together a fascinating collection of battlefield stories detailing ordinary men and women and their extraordinary lives when swept up in the turbulence of war. Great acts of heroism, human suffering and terror are described and illustrated in vivid detail. The stories span four centuries and four continents and cover a wide breadth of material from Waterloo to the Crimea from the World Wars to Syria. Told with narrative flair they are a testimony to wartime experiences, some of which have been hitherto unrecorded.

Time: 5.30 pm

Tickets: £10

Venue: The Electric Palace

Sponsored by:
Andrew & Helen Carless, Barry & Islay Mawhinney

Illustrated Talk